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Stylish Statements: Mixing Prints

13 Aug


How to Mix Prints

Next week, I plan on posting a blog entitled “20 Things Women Should do in their 20’s,” and included on that list was: take fashion risks. So before writing that post, I figured I should take my own advice. Now, I’m no fashion expert and could be doing this all wrong (feel free to laugh at or mock my style if you feel like it), but I love prints and patterns, and am drawn to the mixed-prints trend. Mixing prints is a fun way to upgrade your look, bend the rules, and take fashion risks.

So here’s my advice on how to best mix prints.

Treat stripes as a neutral. Stripe shirts will match with a lot of prints, especially floral.  mx stripes

Do the same for micro prints.

mx jacket

Pair smaller prints with larger ones.

mx lep and pnk aztec

Match colors: blue with blue, black with black, etc

mx flag1

Cheat with lace: a solid lace shirt can act as a kind of print if partnered with a similar pattern.

mx lace

Experiment until you get it right. I’m not the best at this. Sometimes I ask my sister what she thinks and she just shakes her head. But sometimes I try throwing things together and they work. So have fun with it.

Own It! “In all that you do, do it with confidence” ~Cory Hindorff (Cycle 20 ANTM male model)

Here are my favorites from my Mixed Print Pintrest board

pintrest mixed pints

Need more ideas: check out Solange Knowles’ style. Shes a mixed-prints expert!

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