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11 Best Holiday Gifts for Him

27 Nov

Christmas giftSome of you crazies are going shopping on Black Friday. I can’t deal with the madness. I will be posted in my comfortable bed writing an article on Hilary vs. Bernie and the Black vote (coming soon…look out for it). But, y’all have fun, and pick out something nice for me.

If you’re joining the holiday shopping rush to find bae a gift, I’m here to help you out. I’m a pro at shopping for my boyfriend. Everything I buy him, he loves. He wears last year’s Christmas gift (a nice pair of shoes) to every event he attends. All his other, mediocre shoes haven’t left the closet in nearly a year.

Before that, I’ve bought him concert tickets to see Kendrick and Kanye, nice sweaters, jackets, leather journals, and more. In high school, I got him a teddy bear with a jersey that matched his football jersey, which I sewed by hand. Basically, I’m the best. I haven’t picked out this year’s gift, but I’ll probably pull from these options.

So if you’re stuck, try out some of these gift ideas:

For the Instagram/Tumblr models

  • A nice outfit

Sweaters, shoes and ties always win. These options are especially great if your boo needs a wardrobe upgrade.

For the goal-oriented guys

  • A domain name for his website
  • GRE/MCAT/LSAT/GMAT study materials
  • Business cards
  • Workout equipment
  • Gym membership

I wish somebody would front me the $800 for my sign language interpreter certification exam. I would be eternally grateful for it. Gifts in this category show that you support your partner’s big dreams. Pair all of these gifts with a nice sweater or something tangible he can unwrap.

For the beer connoisseurs

  • Beer glasses
  • Tickets to a beer festival

Make sure you buy the right kind of beer glasses for the particular beer he likes to drink. Or, if he likes several types, get a whole set. I saw a few sets on Amazon that were reasonably priced.

For music lovers

  • Noise-canceling headphones
  • Concert tickets

I really don’t think you can go wrong with either of these options. Who doesn’t like music?

The last resort
I know they say gift cards are tacky, but I’m 100% in favor of them. I like to buy gifts I know someone will enjoy. And if I’m not sure what they want, I buy them something small and pair it with a gift card. Then they can pick out whatever they want.

 By the way, I focused on “gifts for him” because many people complain that it’s hard to shop for guys. However, these gifts work for all genders.

 FYI, if you’re looking for a way to support Black-owned businesses during the holiday season, check out this list of places to shop. Or try these Black creators on Etsy.



Stylish Statements: Mixing Prints

13 Aug


How to Mix Prints

Next week, I plan on posting a blog entitled “20 Things Women Should do in their 20’s,” and included on that list was: take fashion risks. So before writing that post, I figured I should take my own advice. Now, I’m no fashion expert and could be doing this all wrong (feel free to laugh at or mock my style if you feel like it), but I love prints and patterns, and am drawn to the mixed-prints trend. Mixing prints is a fun way to upgrade your look, bend the rules, and take fashion risks.

So here’s my advice on how to best mix prints.

Treat stripes as a neutral. Stripe shirts will match with a lot of prints, especially floral.  mx stripes

Do the same for micro prints.

mx jacket

Pair smaller prints with larger ones.

mx lep and pnk aztec

Match colors: blue with blue, black with black, etc

mx flag1

Cheat with lace: a solid lace shirt can act as a kind of print if partnered with a similar pattern.

mx lace

Experiment until you get it right. I’m not the best at this. Sometimes I ask my sister what she thinks and she just shakes her head. But sometimes I try throwing things together and they work. So have fun with it.

Own It! “In all that you do, do it with confidence” ~Cory Hindorff (Cycle 20 ANTM male model)

Here are my favorites from my Mixed Print Pintrest board

pintrest mixed pints

Need more ideas: check out Solange Knowles’ style. Shes a mixed-prints expert!

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Wanting to be a Big Booty Hoe

29 May


The Definition of Sexy

In high school, my nickname was “Feed the Children,” because my friends joked that I was skinny enough to be in Feed the Children’s campaigns about malnourished children in third world countries (Clearly my friends weren’t very PC).

I was somewhat insecure about my thin frame because I had internalized something that I’d learned from listening to hip hop and the guys at school: girls with curves and big booties were sexy—bony little “Feed the Children,” was not.

So I always wanted to be thicker. Three years later, while studying overseas in Argentina, where my diet consisted mostly of pasta and cheese, I gained some weight and grew what became my pride and joy: my ass. Coming home from Buenos Aires with a little curve in what I believed was all the right places gave me a synthetic confidence.

Imagine my disappointment one day when I turned to the side in the mirror only to find that my booty had shrunk, and for a little while, so had my confidence.

As women, many of us are all taught at young ages —either from our parents, magazines, music, or the world around us—that part of our duty is to be pleasing to the eye. Scholars Sheila Lintott and Sherri Irvin explain in “Sex Objects and Sexy Subjects: A Feminist Reclamation of Sexiness,” women are socialized to believe that being sexy is essential to their value as human beings, and that only certain looks are defined as sexy. When someone fails to adhere to those narrow standards of sexy she may be viewed as less of a woman.

That is how I felt when I looked in the mirror and saw my lack of curves: I was less sexy; I was less of a woman.

Many of us have those times where we judge ourselves according to someone else’s definition of sexy. In doing so, we progress this idea that sexy means fitting into a very small box (more like a very small prison).

We are often taught that we are too skinny, too big, or too dark. We have too much of this and not enough of that. Most women do not fit the dominant idea of sexy.

However, many people go to great lengths to try to fit into that prison. We spend hundreds of dollars on our hair and makeup, constantly change our diets, wear the highest, most uncomfortable heels, experience a lot of pain (sometimes at the hands of beauticians, stylists, or plastic surgeons), and in the process, we deny and reject our real selves.

There’s a difference between the synthetic confidence I attained when I first noticed my weight gain and the real confidence I got from defining sexy on my own terms. Sometimes I have to remember that sexy isn’t something I can buy in a bottle at Sephora for $45. Nor is it my favorite pair of heels that make my legs look longer. Sexy is a fusion of confidence and compassion. It is a decision to live on my own terms (not according to anyone else’s expectations). Sexy is a lifestyle.

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