Stylish Statements: African Inspired Looks

22 May

African inspired first look

While at Pepperdine, I can’t tell you how many times I heard the phrase “the starving children in Africa.” People would say it all the time whenever they talked about service projects or compared their living situation to that of someone else.

It’s great that people want to alleviate poverty and I’m all for that. Yet, I’d like to think (and I wish other people would realize) that such a large continent with a rich history has more to offer than a locale where we “oh so privileged Americans” can complete our mission trips and do our good deeds.

While so many students at my Alma mater want to help poor children in Africa, I have a different reason for wanting to go: the fashion.

I’m no fashionista, but I am drawn to the bold and bright colors, the intricate patterns, and the unique shapes that I’ve seen from several designers from Africa.

African Inspired Looks

These looks above are all African inspired. The two looks on the right were featured in Essence Magazine in 2010 and are inspired by the Maasai tribe of southern Kenya and Northern Tanzaia. The others are just looks I found on Pintrest and am dying to have.  All the colors and patterns are perfect for summer.

Designers to watch

Loza Maleobho: a New York based designer raised in the U.S and the Ivory Coast.


See more of her work here.

Aisha Obuobi: the designer of Christie Brown based in Ghana.

Aisha Obuobi

See more of her work here.

Just something to remember next time you go shopping or next time your mind goes right to poverty when you think about African countries.

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