How NOT to be an Ankh N*gga

30 Jun

Dear Black men,

If you find yourself often posting and believing things like this: 


Or this: 


If you spend a good chunk of you time hating on certain “types” of Black women.

Then you may be an Ankh N*igga. 

According to the Curvellas of Black Tumblr, an Ankh N*igga is:


If you fit the description, chances are, most of the Black Women on the internet can’t stand you. And though you stand preach Black unity, you spread a Black hate like no other. You need to be stopped, immediately.


So here’s help

Use these 3 steps to cease your Ankh N*gga tendencies:

Step 1: Check Your Respectability Politics at the Door

You may rock your Tutankhamun shirt with the Eyes of Horus chain all you want, but if you’re flashing your Kemet gear while criticizing Black women who own their sexuality and do not perform in ways that you agree with, your self-righteous, fake consciousness ain’t worth shit.

As I mentioned in a previous post, respectability politics, the view that only certain Black people who fit a narrow mold are worthy of respect, works to further restrict and shame, rather than liberate. By praising one idealized type of Black woman while shaming another, you create a very small prison cell for us to function inside of, a prison that is often demanded from our white counterparts. So you can hashtag #StayWoke til the day you die, but unless you learn to respect all Black women and drop your respectability politics, your views will constantly spew white supremacist ideology. You’re a walking oxymoron.

Step 2: Remember that #BlackWomenMatter. All Black women matter… the Janelle Monaes and Blac Chynas alike deserve your respect.

As I explained a while back when this meme was circulating:

back women COMPARISON

Black women are more complex than the Ratchet Hoe vs. Educated Sister dichotomy you seem to have engrained in your mind. Just like how you ask to be treated like a human being, we too want to be treated as people, not one-dimensional stereotypes. Just like you, we carry burdens from racism, white supremacy, sexism, and more. We have to show one another love. Remember, the rise of Black Americans requires the rise of all Black people, including women, children, the poor, and our LGBTQIA fam. 

Step 3: Uplift Black people with compassion and an open mind, rather than criticism and hate. 

There’s not really much to explain for this step: If you really cared for your people like you say you do, then stop dividing us into categories based on who is worthy of respect and who isn’t. You don’t uplift people with shallow judgment. You uplift with conversations. If you really love Black people, then show it.

Black men, I love you and will ride for you. Please show the same sentiments.

PS- Now, I know name-calling is not polite. No matter how fitting the name is, I won’t really be using it. It gives such a powerful symbol (the ankh) a bad name by associating it with a negative concept. But I did want to bring to light a problem in the Black community.

PPS- I also heard “Shea Butter Bitches” is the female equivalent. 

Sources (I learned of the concept “Ankh N*gga” from Black Tumblr):

6 Responses to “How NOT to be an Ankh N*gga”

  1. Girlfriend Goddess July 2, 2015 at 1:20 AM #

    What an interesting read. I like how you closed it with the P.P.S. I think that a lot of this coming from many black men isn’t hate, but frustration over KNOWING the potential and power that we as black women posses. Like if a big brother were to see his little sister or mom at the strip club he frequents, he would act out of pocket due to his passion for his loved one but probably not have the kindest of words at that moment. However, after talking to them and discovering their decision for their new occupation, he probably would change his mind and respect their decision. I think that many black women of today aren’t rachet hoes, but mystics in all things of the flesh. They/WE know our power, even if some may not know total worth, and are capitalizing on that. So brothers, next time you want to slam us for using our powers, why not remember that it’s better to sell our asses than our souls.

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  2. HBL June 30, 2015 at 11:05 PM #

    Unbelievable. You are actually complaining about the enlightened men who have the good sense to object to the slutty ratchet nonsense of today’s women and desire something more in a partner. It’s not “respectability politics” for an enlightened man to want someone he can actually RESPECT. Women today have lost all self-respect, and here you are with the audacity to complain about men who speak their mind about what they consider attractive and admirable in a woman. No one is obligated to “accept” or “celebrate” your stripper-sensibilities.


    • awomynsworth July 1, 2015 at 12:12 AM #

      You gotta give respect to get it, Hun. In the meantime, check out the recommended reading at the bottom of the post to refresh your memory on the definition of respectability politics. Seems like you could use a few reminders.

      And it’s funny how you refer to men as enlightened, but somehow “women today have lost all their morals.” Check yourself friend, black men can’t win in America if they continue to ignore the issues that black women face. We’re stronger when we stand together and have a mutual respect and love.

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      • HBL July 1, 2015 at 6:31 AM #

        This is not respectability politics because the problems of modern womanhood are universal, white girls act just as awful and in this respect all women can be held to the same standard (and fall short 90 percent of the time), it’s not unique to Black women and the goal isn’t to become acceptable to white gaze or to mimic white people. If women want to dress trashy and act foolish then that’s their prerogative but it’s OUR right to find it disgusting and when you intellectualize your lack of modesty it is no benefit to your sisters who will read your work and think there’s no problem with slutculture. p.s. I read your article about your virginity I know you’re not as one dimensional as this one article might suggest and I applaud your saying that chastity is nothing to be ashamed of.


  3. kelley June 30, 2015 at 11:11 AM #

    This is great. Agreed! It’s divisive and unnecessary. Same as when a Black man says he only dates white women because Black women are blank blank blank; it should only have to do with your love of white women and not with us.

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  4. Mr. Militant Negro June 30, 2015 at 9:10 AM #

    Reblogged this on The Militant Negro™.


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