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4 Natural hair mistakes you learned from your mother

28 Sep

GIF OopsSix years ago, I shaved my head bald and didn’t look back. I rocked that buzz cut until a few months ago when I wanted to mix things up and grow my hair back. I decided to go 100 percent no-heat natural this time rather than the press and curl I’d worn in high school and part of college. Yet after several years without hair, I didn’t quite know how to take care of the new growth. I went back to methods from the ’90s that I’d learned from my mother. Luckily, friends helped me quickly realize my main mistakes.

Mother always knows best… but you may have to school her on a few natural hair faux pas.

1. Your mama’s hair grease isn’t always your friend

Remember when super thick hair greases like Dax and Blue Magic were your mother’s go-to product for greasing your scalp? Read more…

Hey Fam! I published this article on, so check out the full list and see what hair mistakes you’ve been making.

Natural Hair Blues: When A Naturalista Stops Liking Her Hair

27 May


The Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA) seems to be the stepchild, twice removed, in the natural hair family. When scrolling down my Pintrest and Tumblr feeds, and reading the latest natural hair articles, I see box braids, buzzed cuts, faux locs, twists, curly afros, and others, but rarely TWAs. When they do make an appearance, they are usually with loose curls—not the 4b/4c texture I’m working with.

Last week, when I took out my faux locs and saw my awkward, 2-inch TWA, I wasn’t exactly thrilled at the sight. Read more…

Writer’s note: Hi everyone. I got published on For Harriet again this week. So you can read the full text there.

5 Natural Hair Styles for Busy Black Girls

16 Apr

Shae Hair TrasformationFive years ago, I got tired of being a naturalista. I’d been natural my whole life. Bantu Knots, flexy rods, pin curls, and twists were my nightly and morning regimen. And frankly, I was sick of all the time I spent on it.  

Many natural black girls understand my woes. Unless we’re wearing a protective style, we can rarely post an #IWokeUpLikeThis selfie without first teasing and manipulating our hair. At 18, I didn’t want to deal with it anymore. So I chopped it all off and I rocked a perfectly convenient, beautiful buzzed cut.

People thought I was so bold. Some applauded me for not being “another black girl with a weave” (eye-roll), and praised me for embracing my features. Little did they know, I was just too busy to bother with it.

 As a girl who is currently pursuing three careers at once, I’m busyAF. That extra 30 minutes some of my natural diva friends take in the mornings to fix their hair, I’m cranking out a blog post. That evening time before naturalistas go to bed, when they break out the flexy rods and hair clips, is spent driving home from my late-night classes and falling into my bed to sleep for a few hours before I wake up and head off to my 9 to 5.

 For chicks who have a main job and a side hustle, hair sometimes has to take a back seat…read more on Blavity.

Hey Fam. This article was originally published on Blavity. Check it out there. Hope you enjoy 🙂

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