Top Blogs to Follow During Black History Month

5 Feb

20010129 BLACK HISTORYHappy Black History Month Everyone! Last year, I created your Top Reads for Black History Month—but I know some of y’all didn’t even bother to turn a page during the entire month (yes, I’m shaming you). You can check out that list if you need some reading suggestions. However, if you need something short and sweet, might I suggest a few blogs and sites that may have some of the most interesting content during the month:

Racialicious-the intersection of race and pop culture.  I always turn to Racialicious when there’s a race-related debate going on. Their writers and editors are on point and always present perspectives that other news/blog outlets gloss over. (And I’ve written for them before so I’m definitely a fan!)

Twerked presents great conversation on women of color, their sexuality, their interests and their love of hip hop. Twerked gives an educated black feminist view on twerking. So you can stop watching those stupid twerking segments on nighttime news; this blogger’s got you covered.

The Gradient Liar -Black Women + art, media, social media, socio-politics, and culture. If you’re trying to upgrade your knowledge of womanist politics during this month, check out The Gradient Liar.

The Crunk Feminist Collective– The name is pretty self-explanatory. The site is a place for hip hop generation feminists to express their thoughts.

Colorlines -Though not technically a blog, Colorlines is a daily news site where race matters. Check them out for almost any topic of your interest.

Media Diversified tackles the lack of diversity in UK media. The organization has an army of writers on worldwide topics and news.

Rap Rehab is a popular site for music-lovers that want to know more about race and politics in the music industry.

Hood Feminism– creators of several trending hashtags on twitter (#fasttailedgirls, #solidarityisforwhitewomen, and more), Hood Feminism is bound to stir up some good conversation during Black History Month on both twitter and the blog.

TransGriot provides news, opinions, and commentary from a proud African American transwoman who is an award-winning blogger.

And of Course: A Womyn’s Worth will bring your weekly black history month insight when you need it. On the days when I’m not posting, check out some of those blogs I mentioned above.

P.S.: if you’re looking for some Black History Month comedy—watch SNL’s “28 Reasons to Hug a Black Guy.” I couldn’t stop laughing.

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