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Makeup 101: Orange is the New Red (Lipstick)

26 Jun


As I’ve been transitioning into this whole “grown woman”  thing, or whatever you want to call it, I’ve been playing with a little bit of makeup. I still consider myself a Makeup Minimalist, but I’ll throw on some mascara every now and then–and you know I have a thing for blue lipstick.

Lately though I’ve been feeling orange lips–maybe because it’s the perfect color to begin the summer.

I have 2 orange colors I’m working with now.

  • A Cheap, off-brand MAC that I found while shopping downtown. It doesn’t even have a name, but it does the trick.
  • Another cheapy product that I saw in the beauty supply called Ruby Kisses “Shiny Orange.” I  was instantly drawn to the color.  So I paid the $2 (right after I checked a few online reviews), took it home, tried it on and instantly fell in love.

I put both colors on top of a brown lip liner (Otherwise I’d walk out the house looking like I dyed my lips with Kool Aid. That brown lip liner is a life saver).

Anyways, since summer is here I figured I’d give you all a few summer style posts. Check out the Stylish Statements section of A Womyn’s Worth for more.

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