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Why Black People Aren’t Required to Fight the Battles of Other People of Color

4 May

Master of None

A few months ago, I was enjoying comedian Aziz Ansari’s Netflix show Master of None. The series had been applauded for tackling issues like racism in Hollywood, interracial relationships, and street harassment. But I was watching purely because I think Aziz, the co-creator and star, is pretty funny.

Halfway through the season, the show began to turn me off. During the episode “Indians on TV,” Dev, Ansari’s character, is copied on a racist email about casting Indian actors for a show. When Dev’s friend suggests that he leak the email, he responds, “People don’t get that fired up about racist Indian or Asian stuff. I feel like you only really risk starting a brouhaha if you say something bad about black people or gay people.”… Read more at The Establishment.

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