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Bad Girls Are My New Role Models

13 May


Leaking topless photos, sexing in limousines, and twerking while wearing a diamond-encrusted bra will get you crowned “Queen of THOTS” (current slang for hoe) in a hot second. Rihanna’s topless photo on a French magazine cover got her shipped to THOT Land, where Beyoncé has been exiled since the release of “Partition.”

Lots of folks are concerned that these sexy singers are bad role models because of their young fan base. Now, I wouldn’t bump “Drunk in Love” in the car with my little cousins riding in the back seat, nor would I use Rihanna’s “S&M” video as a stand in for sex-education conversations. But for mature audiences, the vixens of the music industry may be some of our best sexual agency role models.

Okay, fellow feminists, womanists, and everyone in between: I know what you’re thinking. Not too long ago I thought the same thing. I’d watch music videos and think: Why would Rihanna twerk in a thong in the “Pour It Up” video, when everyone knows black women’s bodies are viewed as hypersexual? Why would Nicki Minaj pull so much attention toward her ass when everyone knows the story of Saartje Baartman’s Venus Hottentot 19th Century “freak show,” where she was mocked for her huge ass? We all know that black sexual politics dig deep into a painful history of inhumane treatment of the black female body, and that in searching for our decolonized image, we often turn our noses up to super-sexy black pop stars.

Yet, as Hip Hop feminist Joan Morgan said in her well-known seminar, “The Pleasure Principle,” we should have a “relationship with the history that doesn’t over-determine our sexuality or our choices.” As Morgan and others examining pleasure politics argue, we need to incorporate pleasure into our black feminist discussions. In only focusing on the damage done to the dehumanized black female body, we do ourselves a disservice.

So why not re-humanize it for ourselves? In discussing pleasure politics as sexual agency, There are a few things we can learn from these so-called bad role models. Read more…

Author’s Note: Hey Everyone. This article was originally published on Slutist (Ya girl got published again!). So you can read the rest of the article there. Let me know what you think!

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