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Balancing Your Ultra-Busy Life

10 Mar

Busy AWWAs a girl who works full time, goes to school in the evening, and uses what little time she has left to manage her blog, I’m used to coming home at the end of a very long day and being completely worn out. Still, I boot up my laptop, sit down, and write.

That routine worked well for me until few weeks ago, when I started feeling unnaturally lethargic. I would come home from my night classes with absolutely no strength left in my body. The weakness was frightening; yet, the problem was obvious: I hadn’t cooked a meal for myself in weeks. I was eating a little bit, but it was mostly fast food I could pick up between my drive from work to school.

Though I was checking things like “tweak editorial calendar” and “finish homework” off of my to-do list, I’d forgotten to satisfy my body’s most basic need.

So I created “Shae’s Hierarchy of Needs” to make sure that with all the things going on, my life remained healthy and balanced…

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Author’s note: This post was originally published on BrownGirlBloggers.com. You can read the full-text there. Hope you enjoy!

Photo courtesy of Vic via flickr.

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