The Hilarious Black Podcast You Need to Download ASAP

1 Sep

The ReadI would go in on that trash you call the VMAs, but I know two folks who can do it way better than I could.

I may be 10 million years late on this one, but I just recently found a new love for podcasts, especially one called The Read.

 The Read has me on the edge of my seat just waiting for Thursday to roll around so I can hear a new episode and laugh my butt off at this week’s shenanigans in pop culture, Black Excellence, thoughtless politicians, and more. This podcast can make you smile even on your worst days.

On The Read, internet personalities Kid Fury and Crissles give their “read” of pop culture and have mastered the art of “throwing shade and spilling tea,” as they say on their site. But it’s not just their review of what’s going on in pop culture that’ll make you want to download their free weekly episodes. They also do a fantastic job of covering issues on race and gender. You’ll hear discussion on everything from Drake’s slaughter of Meek Mill’s career to the recent news on the Black Lives Matter movement.

So whether you’re stuck in traffic or chilling at home, check out The Read.

The podcast comes out nearly every Thursday and you can find it on iTunes, iHeart Radio Talk, Soundcloud & Stitcher.

Shout out to my best friend, Aliya, for putting me up on The Read. Aliya is a black millennial world traveler currently living, working, and managing her blog in London. She’ll give the best details on best places to visit in and around the UK, her travels and her fun experiences on dating, learning to cook and getting comfortable in a new culture at

Also, share with me your favorite podcasts. I need a few more to add to my list.

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