The Confederate Flag is Anti-American, NOT a Symbol of Southern Pride

3 Aug

To all the folks that say the Confederate Flag = Southern Pride:


Southerners are known to be very nationalistic. You guys love America. You’re probably more proud of America than any other region in the nation.

And that’s great for you.

But y’all are fucking up with this Confederate Flag nonsense. Waving that flag has to be one of the most un-American things you can do.

If that has never crossed your mind, please let me explain YOUR history.

As we know, back in the 1860’s, the South got wanted to succeed from the Union (because they wanted to keep black people enslaved—but you, never mind the whole race thing, cuz I know the minute I bring up race, Confederate Flag-lovers get all defensive. And more than half of y’all won’t even acknowledge that slavery even existed, but we’ll discuss that on another day).

So the South decided they wanted to do their own thing and not be part of the U.S. anymore. Then the U.S. and the Confederacy went to war. During that time, the Confederate Flag was created.

Do we not see how the flag is an anti-American symbol? It was created to identify troops that were fighting against the Union. The flag symbolizes succession and war for a separate nation. It’s “Southern Pride” represents a goal to be its own independent, non-U.S., slave-owning nation.

That flag should have been made illegal immediately after the South was defeated in the Civil War. It should not have made its way onto public, government-owned property or any stage flags. No one should have to look at that disgusting symbol of American hate.

So I’m calling BS on this “Southern Pride” argument. If you’re so damn proud, wave the American Flag, and celebrate your state by voting and serving on juries.

And for all the Black folks who wave the Confederate Flag:


Annoyed 4

Annoyed 1…Just…. Ugh… Go read a history book—one where the Egyptians aren’t white.

One Response to “The Confederate Flag is Anti-American, NOT a Symbol of Southern Pride”

  1. Kushite Prince August 3, 2015 at 12:12 PM #

    This post is KP approved!! I feel you!! 🙂


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