4 Things I Should’ve Done While Unemployed for 5 Months

29 May


You would’ve thought my mother caught the Holy Ghost the way she was jumping up and down when I gave her the news. “I got a job,” I told her. While her and my sister thanked God and my friends planned celebration drinks, I sat on my bed thinking, “There goes my freedom.”

It was official: I got my first professional job out of college. It was time to exchange sleeping in for a 7:30am alarm sound-off, PJs for work-appropriate clothing, and day-time talk shows for staff meetings.

Don’t get me wrong, that 5-month unemployment period was one of the most emotionally draining times in my life. It really did a number on my self-esteem. I definitely don’t miss spending hours sending out cover letters only to get a few, if any, responses. I don’t miss relying on the money from my published articles to fill my gas tank. And I don’t miss trying to convince hiring managers that my English degree and editorial background are not completely worthless. Yet, during that time I wish I would’ve taken advantage of my free time and did so much more. Read the rest at XO Jane…

Hey Everyone. This was originally published on XO Jane. You can enjoy the rest of the article there.

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